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Learn and

teach through visual arts

Would it be possible to learn and teach science, technology and humanities through art?


Making Art Happen is an innovative and enjoyable way to learn using creative methods carried out by renowned contemporary visual artists.

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Why learning and teaching through visual arts? 

Because 80% of young people use Youtube every day to be informed, to get inspired and to communicate

Because images are an expression method for today's X Generation and future generations

Because audiovisual contents are not critically analysed

Because 100 million photographs are shared every day 







Encourage creativity



Co-create and


With renowned

contemporary artists

Do you want a Making Art Happen workshop for your subject?

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¡Tus datos se enviaron con éxito!

Educational institutions who have used the methodology

Lecturers who have trusted in

Making Art Happen approach

Universidad Europea Madrid_horz_cmyk-min
logo Instituto Cervantes de Londres.png

Sara Gallego

Rey Juan Carlos University

“The workshop was a total success, it has increased the participation, motivation and creativity of my students and empowered them in relation to the subject, developing a comprehensive learning.”

Marina Mattera

European University

“Students have consolidated theoretical and practical knowledge, they have explored processes such as lateral thinking and creativity development, boosting learning results.”

Francisco lópez

Cervantes Institute of London

"The workshop was a great opportunity for students to interact with a Spanish artist and participate in one of his artworks"

Elena de la Cuadra

Complutense University

“An opportunity for students to prove that theoretical knowledge connects with the everyday life, with our surroundings, with art.”

Pilar Vicente

Rey Juan Carlos University

“A stimulating and rewarding teamwork experience in the classroom able to establish synergies between different disciplines and increase the creative thinking through new viewpoints and approaches not considered in traditional teaching.”

Raquel Vinader

Rey Juan Carlos University

“An opportunity to strengthen my relationship with students and enjoy learning with them.”

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